During the summer of 2016 I took on a freelance project with the Whiting-Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce to develop an app for the annual Pierogi Fest™. Drawing over a quarter million visitors each year, the festival is the pride and joy of Whiting. The fest is world famous for its entertainment stages, dozens of food vendors and the wacky polka parade, where you can see life-size polish pastries and the lawnmower and buscia brigades.

The app went live about a month before the festival and included maps, entertainment schedules, character bios, festival history and more. In addition to developing this app from start to finish, we put together the first ever social media team for the fest. The team worked the entire weekend, engaging with people on different social media platforms as well as covering events and producing content. Learn more about the 2016 Pierogi Fest™ digital experience here.

For 2017, I researched best practices to update the app to enhance the experience and solve problems. Through this research I found that an app was not the best outlet for Pierogi Fest™. I decided to transition the native mobile app to a mobile first website. This transition launched in mid-May 2017 and has seen much success so far. Read more about the rationale behind the transition here, and view the newly redesigned site here. Below you can view screenshots of the original app, as well as screenshots of the new site.


In summer 2015, I was a #TimeIncIntern in New York in the Creative Services Department at Sports Illustrated and GOLF. I mocked, designed and developed ads, logos and internal content for print and digital platforms, as well as some of the signage for the GOLF National Sales Meeting. One of the things that was beneficial to me was being surrounded by talented people who do incredible work. Every day at lunch, I grabbed print publications from all of the Time, Inc. brands and was constantly inspired the designs and stories. Reading through these publications pushed me to be a better designer.

One of the big projects I worked on was an interactive version of the SI General Presentation. I wanted to do something simple in style but still true to the feel of Sports Illustrated. I went for this simple and thin style that is has easy to navigate UX. This GP is used by the sales and marketing reps when they meet with clients and advertisers.


For the last two years, I have worked in the Digital Publishing Studio at Ball State developing interactive applications for mobile and tablet spaces. Some of our clients include Ball State Athletics, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the Indiana Department of Tourism. Along with my colleague Katy Jamison, I created prototypes of two app experiences for the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.


Know Your Dinos is an app aimed to immerse children in the Children’s Museum Dinosphere exhibit from their iPad. Through activities for each dinosaur, children are introduced to the dinosaurs at the museum, and they are able to view various artifacts that aren’t always on display. The app is also used as a promotional tool for the museum.


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