Through my work on the Pierogi Fest app development, the Whiting-Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce gave me the opportunity to lead the first ever social media team for Pierogi Fest and Wickedly Whiting. Pierogi Fest had social media accounts, but did not utilize them to their full potential. Wickedly Whiting was basically starting from the ground up (with the exception of Facebook). In the months leading up to both events, the social media team successfully engaged with community followers and developed promotional content. During the fest the team captured live content and connected with audiences and had access to vendors and entertainment.




#BehindTheTents is a social media initiative started by the Pierogi Fest™ digital experience team to spotlight small businesses in Whiting. During the hustle and bustle of the fest, visitors often forget to look behind the vendor tents at the local businesses. The digital experience team wanted to highlight our small businesses to remind visitors the value they bring to the Whiting community not only during Pierogi Fest™, but year round.

Through photos and videos, the digital experience team features Whiting’s small businesses each Friday across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (during the fest, we also push this content on these same accounts as well as Snapchat and Instagram stories) with the hashtag #BehindTheTents to remind followers of the initiative and push them to visit our small businesses. It is the hope that this initiative will continue year round.


Through social media analytics research, the digital experience team found that the social media community we had begun to cultivate really responded to gifs. During Pierogi Fest 2017, the team created custom gifs to make that experience more cohesive with Pierogi Fest’s wacky and fun brand.


The bulk of the work I do at PACO is for our clients at ComEd. While the ComEd team works on a number of different deliverables across print, digital and outdoor, a lot of the work we do is for social media. Below are some of the Facebook campaigns and a Snapchat filter I’ve worked on since starting work on ComEd last year.


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