Ball Bearings Magazine

Ball Bearings Magazine is a student-run, award-winning magazine at Ball State University. I’ve designed for Ball Bearings since my freshman year, and during my junior year I served as a lead designer and design editor. I’ll continue my role as a lead designer through my senior year so I can focus on expanding my portfolio and work more on features designs.


During Fall 2014, I helped with the redesign process of Ball Bearings magazine with Katy Jamison, Erika Espinoza and Ellen Collier. At the beginning of the redesign, we soon realized that the magazine didn’t just need a redesign of type, color and overall style: the content also needed to be restructured.

For some reason, the editorial board at Ball Bearings had eliminated the features section of the magazine. As the redesign team, we helped to bring back the features section, push for stories that are more suited to the readership of Ball Bearings and created a style guide that also better fits the content restructure. Because of this, we stopped thinking of this task as a redesign, and started referring to it as a rethink.

As design editor in Spring 2015, I implemented the Ball Bearings rethink with Katy Jamison and Erika Espinoza.


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